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1. Please don’t touch lamp or put flammable and explosive objects close to lamp when it is on, as the high temperature may cause firing or scalding.




2. Metal halide lamp can’t be turned on immediately, it takes about 15 minutes for the next strike just after turning-off.




3. Please assure that the lamps are used with the appropriate stabilizer and socket when they are operating. The lamps can be broken with excessive power, so use the right stabilizer with the given voltage and frequency. (± 5% in voltage, ±1HZ in frequency from the indicated values is acceptable)



4. Please note as lamps operate in high temperature and pressure, they can unexpectedly explode with exterior or interior causes.



5. If the outer bulb is broken, please discontinue operating it as this can cause a serious skin burn or damage your eyes due to strong ultraviolet light.



6. Stabilizer should be placed indoor to avoid exposing to moisture such as rain or water splash.



7. When replacing lamps, please turn off the lamp power supply. Please wear gloves and wait until they are completely cooled especially just after lighting-off. It is recommended to prevent any unnecessary burning accident or electric shocks.



8. Surely replace used lamps with new ones before the end of their lives. Otherwise, the danger of explosion can be increased with increasing electrionic consumption caused by declining light amount.



9. Improper operation of lamps may result damages in equipment or cause personal injuries, which will be assumed as user’s responsibility.